Various Print Designs


the key____

Music artist Presha J’s album, ‘The Life of Presha’.

Oneway concert flyer

Poster on the ‘economic, social and cultural effect to the United Kingdom from the expansion of the EU in 2004, through immigration’.

Poster design on Jaun Paul Satre’s quote; ‘three o’clock is always to late or too early for anything you want to do’.



  1. Simeon Burnett

    Munya, the layout on both your flyer and your poster on ‘ESC effects’ are fantastic! Really good stuff. As for you poster on Jaun Paul’s quote, I think it’s unbelievably good! Very creative, good feel for texture and shading, and overall just a great design and great editing! Brilliant designs! May have some jobs for you in designing posters and fliers etc.

  2. Really impressive work bro. Especially the last image. Very creative and simple to understand!

  3. Nyasha Chidakwa

    Wow, I’m short of words lil bro! Great designs you got there! Love them all but I think the “3 O’clock” one is more outstanding! Keep up the good work! Xxx

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