About Me

From a young age I have always had the passion to create something. I studied at the University of East London, which fuelled my desire to become a graphic designer.

Design is not only something I do, but it’s also something I love! I love being presented with a new challenge that requires a creative solution. It drives me to look onto varied influences and develop an original image that communicates well with the reader.

I am always willing to meet new people and I thank you for looking at my blog!

Facebook – Munya Chidakwa

Twitter – @munya_radzi

Email – munya.chidakwa@gmail.com



  1. I really like your page Munya. You are such a great guy. Thanks for being you, it brings a smile to my face!!!

  2. Nyasha Chidakwa

    Thumbs up, lil bro…God has paved a way for you! Keep up the good work!! XXX

  3. Pape Ngala

    Keep up the good work family, and remember “there’s no shortcuts to anyplace worth going”, keep up the hardwork cause it going places, nuff love

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